Programme funding

The training is funded via one of two routes:

Employers that pay into the apprenticeship levy will be able to use up to £9,000 of funding from their apprenticeship service account to cover the cost of training and assessing the apprentice.
Employers that do not pay the levy, or who have insufficient funds in their digital account, can access funding to support the training and assessment of an apprentice. The government will pay 95% of the costs of training and assessment for the apprenticeship (up to the £9,000 apprenticeship funding band maximum).

The salary cost may be funded as follows:

The Government will provide grant funding to lead schools in School Direct partnerships employing postgraduate apprenticeship trainees. This grant funding is in addition to funding available from the Education and Skills Funding Agency and will be payable at the following rates:

The DfE subject grants are outlined below:

2021-2022 Subject Grants Rate
Chemistry, computing, secondary mathematics,  physics £15,000
Languages, Classics £1,000
Primary + All other subjects No Funding

Please note that Teaching Apprenticeships must be paid by at least point one on the unqualified teachers’ pay scale for the period of their training.

The employing school does not pay the employer’s National Insurance if the apprentice is aged under 25.

For unfunded apprenticeship subjects e.g. art, dance, drama, PE, or if the school does not have access to a funded place: the school pays the apprentice’s salary; the levy covers the ITT provider costs.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency has funding rules for what the levy funding can be spent on.

 Other Information:

The start date doesn’t have to be in September. e-Qualitas offers September, January, and Easter start.

Schools that are not currently part of a School Direct alliance can form a new partnership to access this funding.  If your school is not part of a School Direct/Teaching Apprenticeship partnership, we can help you access the grant funding for DfE-funded subjects for any apprentices by connecting you with one of our partner schools.

If you are interested in becoming a School Direct lead school yourself, contact for the criteria and process. Lead schools offering government-funded teaching apprenticeship places must sign an apprenticeship Grant Funding Agreement with the DfE.

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