e-Qualitas is a DfE approved, a leading provider of Teaching Apprenticeships across England.

The Teaching Apprenticeship Programme (TAP), is an Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course which allows schools to recruit and train new staff or retrain and upskill current staff in a cost-effective way.

Trainees achieve QTS and complete the Teaching Apprenticeship around the 12-month mark while staying employed and working in a school. The Teaching Apprenticeship Programme is a popular alternative to a University-based PGCE pathway into teaching.

Schools are enjoying generous salary grant funding and the ability to utilise their Apprenticeship Levy Funding to grow and retain their own talent.

e-Qualitas is a National SCITT

We are the largest privately run national SCITT. Our specialist team of ITT consultants guides schools and graduates through the Teaching Apprenticeship application process including guidance on funding options, timings, and delivery of the programme.

Our team of subject-specialist tutors has experience and knowledge that cover all secondary subject curriculum areas, as well as for primary including Early Years/Key Stage 1 specialists.  Our Tutors have a wealth of knowledge and experience supporting trainee teachers and are deployed out to visit trainees in school throughout the program.  Our Tutors also run off the Job training sessions, which provide a forum for peer-to-peer discussion and learning.

Our SCITT  Programmes are available for:

•  Schools Direct (tuition and salaried)

•  Teaching Apprenticeship Programme

•  Assessment only

What is the format of the TAP?

•  The trainee is based in their main school throughout their training. They will also spend 6 weeks in a contrasting school, (12 weeks if the main school is a special school), and additional focused visits e.g. to a special school.

•  e-Qualitas provides 10-12 training days including secondary subject days for maths, english, science. We also provide a variety of additional training days for primary trainees.

•  Extensive distance-learning training resources are available to trainees on e-Qualitas’ virtual learning environment called E-track.

•  The trainee’s programme is individualised to their specific training needs and circumstances, and those of the school. For example, trainees can start in the autumn, spring, or summer term.

•  An e-Qualitas Tutor visits for a whole day each half term (3-term year), to assist the school in providing the training and to quality assure the programme. The Tutor will complete six physical visits but trainees will also have ongoing access to Tutor support virtually throughout the entire course.

•  In-school trainers are given on-site training by the e-Qualitas Tutor, and courses are run each term to help them develop their expertise in ITT.

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