2021 Changes to Salary Grant Funding of Teacher Apprentices and Schools Direct Trainees. 

British Schools are able to utilise their Apprenticeship Levy to cover the costs of Initial Teacher Training (ITT) for their unqualified teachers. This is just one reason why schools like to grow their own talent, as costs are low and funding is also available to partially cover the salaries of their trainees. 

Schools partner with us, and we train up in-school mentors and Apprentices over 12 months on their pathway to gaining QTS. Our Apprentices have a 95% completion rate, and retention rates are high for graduates as they have trained and developed in situ.

IMPORTANT NEWS FOR SCHOOLS: Salary Grant Funding Changes in 2021

For more detailed information from the DFE please click the links for 2020/2021 and 2021/2022

Do you have a graduate working in your school that is ready to start a Teaching Apprenticeship? 

Your school can still benefit from the current Salary Grants if your graduate starts their Apprenticeship in April 2021,  through the Teaching Apprenticeship Programme. Your Apprenticeship Levy will cover our training fees, so costs are minimal and within 12 months you will have grown a teacher, who is already embedded in your school community. 

Do you need us to source your school quality candidates to take Teaching Apprenticeships at your school?

We have a large, talented pool of enthusiastic graduates, keen to take up a Teaching Apprenticeship in April 2021. Ask us about how we can support your school to find you the right trainees.

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